Projects, Papers, and Talks

Here I collect recent projects, papers, and talks. Most projects stem from work in the industry or are part of my PhD. I enjoy specialised, under-explored, and niche areas while keeping an eye on the final product. Nothing gets me more excited than a challenging improvement to low-level infrastructure that results in large impact.

Projects ๐Ÿ“ฆ


Spectrum is a cross-platform, declarative image transcoding library written in C++ with bindings for Android and iOS. The release blog post provides a good introduction. I am one of its original authors.


Argon2Kt is an Android/Kotlin binding for the Argon2 password hash algorithm (winner of the PHC). This is a personal project of mine. I have written this blog article which explains more about password hashing on Android.


Fresco is an image management library for Android with a special focus on supporting low-end devices. It incorporates manual memory management and C routines to use the available resources efficiently. I have been one of its maintainers for a many years.

Papers ๐Ÿ“š

Talks โœจ

Podcast: Inside Facebook Mobile

2019-06 – The first minutes contain a short introduction to Spectrum (see above). It is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Londroid: Mastering the Images Spectrum

2018-12 – At the Londroid meet-up we talk about Spectrum and share the challenges that motivated its creation.

droidcon San Francisco: Mastering the Images Spectrum

2018-11 – This is the announcement talk during which we released the Spectrum library.

droidcon New York: Efficient Processing of Images

2018-08 – In this talk I talk about the technical challenges that later motivated the Spectrum library.

droidcon Beijing: Great Images for Everyone, Everywhere

2017-11 – This was my first keynote and I covered high-level considerations for mobile image performance including compression, memory management, and performance metrics.