Portrait picture of Daniel Hugenroth

Daniel Hugenroth

I am a computer security researcher and software engineer living in Cambridge, UK.

My academic interests revolve around anonymity, usable security, and mobile privacy. At the moment, I am doing a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

My recent industrial work focussed on image processing and formats. I am an author of the Spectrum open-source library.

Please feel free to find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub. Say Hi 👋

Projects 📦

Steuerlotse is a prototype website created during the Tech4Germany fellowship. It integrates with the official German tax API Elster through ERiC and Python's ctypes.

Spectrum is a cross-platform, declarative image transcoding library written in C++ for Android and iOS. The release blog post provides a good introduction. I am one of its original authors.

Argon2Kt is an Android/Kotlin binding for the Argon2 password hash algorithm (winner of the PHC). This is a personal project of mine.

Fresco is an image management library for Android. I have been one its maintainers for a many years.

BusyBee is a small tool for easier and interactive multi-processing within Python notebooks.

I am associated with Darwin College and the Centre for Mobile, Wearable Systems, and Augmented Intelligence.

Talks ✨

06/2019 – Podcast Inside Facebook Mobile: Short intro to Spectrum in the first minutes (spotify) (itunes)

12/2018 – Londroid: Mastering the Images Spectrum (youtube)

11/2018 – droidcon San Francisco: Mastering the Images Spectrum (youtube)

08/2018 – droidcon New York: Image Alchemy: Efficient Processing of Images (youtube)

11/2017 – droidcon Beijing: Great Images for Everyone, Everywhere